Primary and Secondary

Lower Level Program (Level 1-8) (Primary School)

Lower Level Curricular Framework


  • Level 1-6
    Basic math skills The arithmatic facts
  • Level 7-8
    The abstract concepts of fractions, decimals, ratios, basic finance, unit of measurement and basic geometry


  • Reading and writing of word families and sentences
  • Grammar concepts and usage
  • Reading comprehension development
  • Biblical and character-building principles

Word Building

  • Vocabulary development
  • Stems, prefixes, suffixes
  • Greek and Latin root words


  • Basic concepts and principles applied to God’s physical creation and to everyday life
  • Simple experiments with parental involvement in the learning process

Social Studies

  • State and national history and cultures from Biblical perspective
  • Map study
  • Concepts of conservatism, free enterprise, personal and governmental responsibility from God’s point of view


  • Creative thinking and writing
  • Proper handwriting and speed reading
  • Books reading