Show and Tell MICS Mini School Fair

We are elated to report that with much preparation, enthusiasm and anticipation for good weather ‘The Mini School Fair’ has been a grand success. As Benjamin Franklin said “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn”, The ‘Show and Tell’ lesson experience for the students outside their individual office and learning center was very beneficial.

The Event was organized in two parts. First, each learning center displayed their group projects with confidence. Presenting their work in English and using their knowledge to explain their hands-on experience was and added perk. The students projected teamwork and unity in working towards the completion of their projects. Here’s a list of what each learning centre displayed..

K1 – Fortune ball
K2 – possible ball
K3 – Soda candy
PLC – Charade and Artworks
JLC – 7 day Creation
CLC – Different crops of farm
GLC 3-D swan Origami
DTLC – Animal Care Awareness

The second half of the event was all about the students exploring many stations which had different academic subjects . Each student was given a passport and they traveled to each station. Every station they visited they got a stamp on their passport. This is what every station presented.

Math Magician, Wonders of letters, Scie Zone, Journey around the world, Crafting music, Kingdom of Art

These stations were led by senior and junior students with the help of the student council. When each student finished getting their passport stamped at every station completing the tasks they got to claim a surprise reward by showing their completed passport.

We are so thankful to God for His faithfulness in helping us through the planning and organizing of the Mini Fair. We are proud of the teamwork the MICS staff, students and parents have put in towards making ‘The Show and Tell MICS Mini School Fair’ a success.