Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Manorom International Christian School aims to promote and develop learners to having self- directed learning skills, which allow the student find answers on their own, being resolvable, being responsible, be able to plan and set reasonable goals, and having Godly characters and Biblical values. MICS also aims to continuously develop administration that meets international standard and support cooperative community of learning among families, communities and schools.

Vision Statement: Making a Difference in Lives, one Child at a Time

Our Mission

1.Individualized Schooling

We support and promote self-learning, a skill essential to achieve success in each student’s life. This includes discovering answers on their own, being responsible, and solving problems on a daily basis.

2.Character Building

We use the 90 Character Traits of ACE Curriculum throughout the program to instill godly character to students. This training helps students achieve academic excellence, trains them to be leaders, and allows them to work well with others.

3.Academic Excellence

We encourage academic excellence by helping students to be well rounded in all areas, while preparing them for higher education in the future. Through its mastery-based curriculum, every student can have the capacity to achieve better scores on the level that they can perform.

4.Traditional Values

We emphasize the teachings of Biblical values as a basis for students’ moral, mental, and spiritual health.

5.Pioneering Leadership

We are professionals in learning management. With the help of the PACEs, A.C.E.’s educational media and encouraging methodology, students’ skills and characters are improved in four aspects – cognition, physical, social and emotion.

6.Leading the Way

We will be a leader of school administration under the School of Tomorrow Asia in Thailand, Asia and all over the world as we cultivate the benefits of creating an individualized learning community.

7. International Standards

Our program uses English as its medium of instruction, and meets international standards. With this, we aim to empower students with the skills necessary for further studies in Thailand and abroad.