Student Life

Life at MICS

One of the critical points of growing up is molding your personality in childhood years. School is our second home and it cradles our hearts and minds. That’s why we are not just go there, studying and participating. Actually, we live at there. MICS gives the opportunity in every students to feel like their at home. Our school promotes good relationship of teacher to students. MICS serves its best just like serving God Himself.

After School Program

The After School Activities and Athletics programs offer opportunities for students to discover and trust themselves and gain the confidence necessary to play and work cooperatively and competitively with their peers. Physical activity is essential for normal, healthy growth and development as well as providing decision making skills necessary to maintain a “Fit for Life” attitude

Life Skills Program

The Life Skills Program is a 3-month dormitory residence program that provides excellent opportunities for students to build an essential lifelong foundation of independence to prepare them to go into the world with confidence, through our outstanding activities and exciting lessons for better living. The Life Skills Program will hold its second session from December 17th 2014 – May 30th, 2015.


play a major part in school life at Manorom International Christian School. We believe that studying Visual Arts, Music, Drama, and Dance helps to develop self-confidence and communication and develop a lifelong engagement with and appreciation for the arts.
We offer efficient and professional art training by inspiring creative imagination and cultivating students’ interest in learning. Spurred by stage performance, we help students master the real essence of art. Our unique concepts of fun teaching and fun learning enable our students to learn the art and enjoy great health at the same time. Our many musical ensembles, choirs and drama productions provide opportunities for students who find a passion for the arts. Throughout the year, our children are given opportunities to perform in assembly, productions and other events on the school calendar. The rich artistic atmosphere makes children fall in love with beautiful art and experience extraordinary artistic feelings!